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Sunday, November 02, 2014


Thank you for your interest in joining Holy Vocations. As stated on the blog, Holy Vocations Blog consists "of people  discerning vocations to the religious life. There are people here that are thinking of the priesthood and those that are thinking of becoming nuns or religious sisters... If you are discerning a vocation to be a priest, nun, religious sister, monk, deacon or if you are currently in formation, then I invite you to join this blog."


Each member of the Holy Vocations Blog must accept the following pledge. This pledge is simply to ensure that contributors are faithful Catholics rather than dissenting ones. Please read the pledge and if you accept it, please inform Matthew, the Founder of Holy Vocations Blog. Contact him via email: acatholiclife[at]gmail[dott]com.

All members of this blog are completely faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. We each pledge our loyalty and obedience to the Catholic Faith and adhere to all the rules and regulations of the Catholic Faith, which have been taught and passed down to the Faithful through the past generations. We have read and support the Oath Against Modernism by Pope St. Pius X. All of us are spiritually united in our devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Eucharist, and the Communion of Saints. We pledge our lives to Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Holy Vocations loves contributions. There is no requirement as to the frequency of posts; post whenever you have time. You can post updates about your vocation, news stories on ordinations, links to orthodox religious orders, etc. In your posts, however, we ask you only to add one label to each post. In particular, please only use your display name as the label. This way, readers can search for your posts with the click of a button. It is more user-friendly. The only other label used will be "Blogging" and that is to be used if you were to change the background music, ask about the blog's template, etc. It is just used for discussing the blog in general.


St. Paul specifically calls all Christians to "pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17). For without prayer, we can hope to gain nothing from God. For this reason, all members of Holy Vocations Blog should live a life of dedicated prayer. It is highly encouraged that all members of the blog attend Mass as often as possible as well as pray the Divine Office [Lauds, Vespers, and Compline] and Rosary daily. In addition, all members of the blog should say a prayer daily for holy vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Specifically, all members of Holy Vocations Blog should pray daily for each other, if not by name, then at least say a prayer for the general intention of "the members of Holy Vocations Blog".


If you would still like to join the blog (and I certainly hope you do!) then please email Matthew at acatholiclife@gmail.com. After informing an administrator of your acceptance of the pledge and desire to still join the blog you will be sent an automatic invitation by Blogger. Follow the instructions in the email by Blogger to join the blog.

First Post

For your first post, please write an introduction post. Call it "Introductions: Your Name or Screenname". If you could, write a little about yourself, why you joined the blog, what you hope to get out of this group blog, and about your own vocation. Thank you for joining! Please keep us updated on your vocation!

Laudetur Jesus Christus,

Blog Administrator


Bishop Williamson Ordains a Brazilian Deacon

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bishop Williamson Ordains Br. Andre

Just a few days ago His Excellency Bishop Williamson ordained a deacon in Brazil.  Photo source: Militia Jesu Christi.

For those unfamiliar with His Excellency’s current dealings, you should check out his newly released website on the St. Marcel Initiative.  

Prayer for Vocations by Ven. Pope Pius XII

Lord Jesus, High Priest and universal Shepherd, Thou hast taught us to pray, saying: "Pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into His harvest" [Matt. 9: 38]. Therefore we beseech Thee graciously to hear our supplications and raise up many generous souls who, inspired by Thy example and supported by Thy grace, may conceive the ardent desire to enter the ranks of Thy sacred ministers in order to continue the office of Thy one true priesthood.

Although Thy priests live in the world as dispensers of the mysteries of God, yet their mission demands that they be not men of this world. Grant, then, that the insidious lies and vicious slanders directed against the priesthood by the malignant enemy and abetted by the world through its spirit of indifference and materialism may not dim the brilliance of the light with which they shine before men, nor lessen the profound and reverent esteem due to them. Grant that the continual promotion of religious instruction, true piety, purity of life and devotion to the highest ideals may prepare the groundwork for good vocations among youth. May the Christian family, as a nursery of pure and pious souls, become the unfailing source of good vocations, ever firmly convinced of the great honor that can redound to our Lord through some of its numerous offspring. Come to the aid of Thy Church, that always and in every place she may have at her disposal the means necessary for the reception, promotion, formation and mature development of all the good vocations that may arise. For the full realization of all these things, O Jesus, Who art most zealous for the welfare and salvation of all, may Thy graces continually descend from heaven to move many hearts by their irresistible force; first, the silent invitation; then generous cooperation; and finally perseverance in Thy holy service.

Art Thou not moved to compassion, O Lord, seeing the crowds like sheep without a shepherd, without anyone to break for them the bread of Thy word, or to lead them to drink at the fountains of Thy grace, so that they are continually in danger of becoming a prey to ravening wolves? Does it not grieve Thee to behold so many unplowed fields where thorns and thistles are allowed to grow in undisputed possession? Art Thou not saddened that many of Thy gardens, once so green and productive, are now on the verge of becoming fallow and barren through neglect?

O Mary, Mother most pure, through whose compassion we have received the holiest of priests; O glorious Patriarch St. Joseph, perfect model of cooperation with the Divine call; O holy priests, who in Heaven compose a choir about the Lamb of God: obtain for us many good vocations in order that the Lord's flock, through the support and government of vigilant shepherds, may attain to the enjoyment of the most delightful pastures of eternal happiness


Traditional Dominican Friars of Steffeshausen

Friday, October 24, 2014

Dominican Friars of Steffeshausen
Find out about a new traditional religious community, the Dominican Friars of Steffeshausen, Belgium, and see how you can help them... or even join the Third Order of St. Dominic.

A video has just been published about a new foundation of traditional Dominican friars in Belgium and the Third Order that they are offering to the faithful.

This new community of traditional Dominican friars was founded on November 15, 2013, in Steffeshausen, a little village in the southeast corner of Belgium. They were invited there by the villagers after the death of their parish priest, who had kept the traditional Mass and was persecuted by his bishop some 25 years ago. They offered the church and rectory built by this priest to these friars as a first home for their fledgling community. Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta, who assists those religious communities affiliated with the SSPX, accepted to help the foundation as its ecclesiastical superior.

The goal of the community is simply to continue the true spirit of St. Dominic as it has been embodied for eight centuries, an ideal summed up perfectly by St. Thomas Aquinas in a few words in his Summa Theologica which have become a sort of motto of the Order: "To contemplate and give to others what has been contemplated."

Thus a Dominican must be first and above all a true contemplative, and in order to achieve this end the Constitutions prescribe all of the monastic practices followed by contemplative orders: the Divine Office in common, silence, fasting, chapter of faults, etc. Of course, this includes the three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience common to all religious.

On top of this, however, Dominicans add the obligation of study, in order to be able to attain the secondary end of the Order: the preaching of the Word of God, to “give to others what has been contemplated.”

Since November the friars at Steffeshausen have been living this life of contemplation and preaching. There are at present four priests and one lay brother, three of whom are French and two Canadian. Some young men have already presented themselves to ask to join them and they plan to begin to receive postulants in the fall of 2015.

The Dominicans belong to an Order of mendicant preachers. It is by alms that they are able to lead their life of prayer and study that will permit them to prepare their apostolate.

You can help the Dominicans by making a donation:
  • send a personal check (in US dollars) to their address in Belgium made out to: Fr. Albert
  • via PayPal to their account: luxmundi@mail.com
  • or make a donation online via the Foreign Missions; mention: Steffeshausen Dominicans
  • donate via check to Foreign Missions Trust (PO Box 114, Farley, MO 64028); mention: Steffeshausen Dominicans
Correspondence can be sent to:

Dominicans Fathers
Steffeshausen 5
4790 Burg Reuland


Dominican Third Order
PO Box 175
St. Mary's, KS 66536

Source: E-Pistola of 10/24/14


Ordinary Holiness: Story & Spirituality of St. Joseph Marello

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A recommended item for discerners:

St. Joseph Marello

The life of St. Joseph Marello, fonder of the Obaltes of St. Joseph, was one of silence and simplicity, spent in service to the poor and in devotion to his patron St. Joseph. Meet the humble man who now serves the entire Church as a model of sanctity and humility. His devotion was so deep, it spread around world through the Oblates of St. Joseph, and you will be challenged to follow his call to do the ordinary in an extraordinary way – a call to “ordinary holiness”. Color DVD. Approximately 17 minutes.

View the item here.


Sisters of Life Talk in Chicago on October 18th

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Come hear the awesome vocations story of these sisters who have dedicated their lives to LIFE. Meet the sisters and other young people interested in the pro-life movement.

Sisters of Life from New York City
St. John Cantius Church
Saturday, October 18 at 8pm

The event is open to youth and young adults but all are welcome!
Contact Father Nathan for more information: youth@cantius or 312-243-7373


Sisters, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Four of the Sisters, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary were honored to be present at the Beatification of Sister Miriam Teresa Demjanovic yesterday at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark. Many of the MICM community had been present at the exhumation of the new Blessed over thirty years ago and it was a special grace to witness this important step in the journey towards canonization. Our Sister Miriam Teresa received her name in honor of Blessed Sister Miriam Teresa Demjanovic!


Pray for the Ordination of Jamey Rigi

Friday, September 19, 2014

The USA District Office is happy to announce the forthcoming priestly ordination of Rev. Mr. Jamey Rigi at Immaculate Conception Church in Post Falls, Idaho on September 20th, Ember Saturday. Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais will perform the ordination during the celebration of a solemn Pontifical Mass.

The faithful are cordially invited to attend this important occasion in the life of our priestly society and further details will be announced in the near future. In the meantime, please keep deacon, Mr. Jamey Rigi, in your prayers.

Extending now to 589 priests (and then 590 as of September 20th), the Society of St. Pius X continues to push forth fruit as a living branch of the Roman Catholic Church.

Source: SSPX.org


St. Bernard Abbey Receives 4 Novices

Sunday, September 07, 2014

At First Vespers of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 14, Abbot Cletus Meagher received three new postulants into the novitiate of St. Bernard Abbey. The new novices were formally given the Benedictine habit of tunic, scapular and belt. On the occasion, each received his new name to be used in his new way of life.

Brother Novice Dominic (Stephen) Lee was born in Madison, Alabama 20 years ago. Ten years later his family moved to Huntsville, Alabama where they remain and are members of Holy Spirit Parish. Brother Dominic was homeschooled throughout his high school years. He has two older sisters and three younger brothers. One of his sisters is a Benedictine nun at the Abbey of St. Walburga in northern Colorado.

Born and reared in Birmingham, Alabama, Brother Paschal (Gabriel) Pautler is 18 years old. He has a younger sister and two younger brothers, as well as an older half-brother and a half-sister. Brother Paschal attended St. Rose Academy in Birmingham before coming to St. Bernard Prep as a boarding student in the 9th grade. He graduated from SBP in May 2014 and entered the monastery just two weeks later, drawn to the Benedictine life he saw lived out during his four years as a St. Bernard student.

Brother Pachomius (Gustavo) Alverado is 36 years old. He was born in Matanzas, Cuba. Brother’s mother and his sister, his only sibling, live together in Cuba. His father is deceased. While still in Cuba, Brother Pachomius attended university where he studied Social Media. Before completing his degree, he was hired by a marketing and public relations company in Bogota, Columbia. He held that job for two years during which time he learned of the Benedictine monastery of Tibati in Bogota. After several visits to the monastery, he decided to join them. However, after about a year and a half, he chose to leave Tibati before completing his novitiate. While at the monastery of Tibati, he met our Father Joel Martin, who was in Colombia recruiting for the Prep School. Father Joel apparently made a good impression on Brother Pachomius as the meeting led him to investigate St. Bernard Abbey and come to the U.S.A.

Having served their initial two months in the monastery as postulants, the three men will live as novices (beginners) in the monastery for one year plus one day, making it possible to profess their first vows on the Solemnity of the Assumption, 15 August 2015. Remaining at the monastery for the entirety of their novitiate year, the novices will live the Benedictine life of prayer and work, and spend time studying the Rule of Saint Benedict, monastic tradition and spirituality, and Sacred Scripture. They and the community will use this year to discern whether God is calling them to live the monastic life and its vows of Stability, Obedience, and Conversion of Life (conversatio morum) at Saint Bernard Abbey.
Source: Cullman Times


Seminary Fund for Michael Cunningham

Friday, August 29, 2014

The following is from a GoFundMe Campaign to Help a Seminarian at the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. Please consider assisting him.
Michael Cunningham is a fourth year seminarian at the FSSP seminary in Denton, Nebraska. I am seeking assistance to help pay Mike's past due tuition of $6,000.00 and the $7,000.00 currently due. FSSP seminarians are required to pay a large part of their tuition. 
I first met Mike in the summer of 2013 when he came to assist at our FSSP parish in Littleton, Colorado. After a few conversations with Mike, it became obvious to me and many fellow parishoners that Mike was a sincere servant of God , dedicated to saving souls. I've since met Mike's siblings, and I've learned that their father, a US Navy corpsman, passed away from the effects of Agent Orange in 2007. Mike's mother Donna, who is on a fixed income is his primary benefactor. Would you please consider contributing to Mike's tuition?  
Here is a link to the GoFundMe Page: http://www.gofundme.com/derasc 
If you would rather give directly to Michael Cunningham's tuition at the FSSP seminary:
Make checks payable to OLG Seminary and put a note on it that it is to go towards Mike Cunningham's tuition 
Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary
7880 W Denton Rd
Denton, Nebraska 68339-0147


Come & See Vocation Weekends: Dominican Province of St. Joseph

Friday, August 22, 2014

NEXT VOCATION WEEKEND:  September 19-21, 2014  (2014 regional summer vocation events can be seen here; plan now to come visit us)

Contact the vocation director to reserve your space. In recent years our four annual vocation weekends have been full, so plan ahead for the September 19-21, 2014 weekend.  (other vocation weekends will be: Nov. 14-16, Feb. 13-15, Mar. 27-29)

No matter where you ultimately go to serve the Lord, a vocation weekend with the Dominicans is an excellent opportunity to learn more about religious life in general. These weekends are the fastest way to concretely learn a lot about the Order of Preachers (and our province) in a very short period of time.

CLICK: SCHEDULE FOR THE NEXT WEEKEND  (all our vocation weekends follow this general timetable, this is important to know when you make travel plans)

Over 100 men pass through on our vocation weekends annually, not to mention many others who visit informally or other times during the year. If one of the four vocation weekends this academic year will not work for your schedule, it is possible to visit us another time (preferably during the week and during the academic year) either here in DC or at another house or priory of our province.

*When making travel plans to visit us (after confirming w/ the director of vocations), plan for at least 45 minutes of travel time via the Metro to Reagan National (DCA), or at least 90 minutes of travel time to Baltimore-Washington International (BWI). Reagan National is most convenient & sometimes less expensive.  Since the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia area have inexpensive and efficient public transportation, it is especially convenient to arrive to the Dominican House of Studies using public transportation (arrive to Brookland/Catholic University Metro stop on the Red Line, exit left up the escalator, look off to the left for the bell tower of the National Shrine, we are across the street on Michigan Ave.)

Trying to figure out what you can concretely do now to get started in your consideration of a vocation to the Dominicans?  CLICK HERE

Check out our popular vocation video, “Leaving All Things Behind”


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