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Thursday, May 11, 2006

My dear sister and brothers in Christ,

I am proud to be a member of this blog, and hope you shall visit often.

My vocation story began at a young age. Being raised in the Catholic faith, and going to daily mass serving daily mass, going to weekend mass and such, I just felt a strong desire to do what that priest was doing on the altar. This continued till I was about 13.

Around the know-it-all age of 13-16 I came to be an undeclared atheist. Doubting the existence of a caring, loving, and forgiving God because a lot of bad was going on in my life. I continued this path until December 12th, 2003 when our Bishop of the Diocese was installed. I still appeared to be a very religious person but deep down I was an atheist.

Someone within the diocese submitted my name to represent the youth and welcome the Bishop on behalf of the youth of the diocese. At that time I began to have a little more belief in God. But yet I still doubted. In 2005 a lady told me I could go on an all paid trip to Medjugorje, where I would stay for 35 days. Having been to Bosnia before this was the thing for me as I never knew about Medjugorje as that is in Herzegovina.

While in Medjugorje I saw the profound faith of the Catholic church there. People going to confession, going to mass, praying the rosary, loving their Catholic faith. I was amazed and astounded at the Church over there. For the next 35 days last summer I lived a life completely filled with Prayer, penance, and fasting. It really rejuvenated my faith and I fully came back to the faith. In those 35 days I went confession daily, prayed 15 decades of the rosary daily, etc. It just re-established a prayer life and my belief in God.

That same summer on August 15th, our Bishop made his annual pilgrimage to the diocesean Marian shrine where Our Lady appeared in the 1800's to a religious sister. There were 5,000 people present. To see the faith of the Church of Green Bay was amazing, and completely knew I was to surrender my life to Christ as a priest, because of something the Bishop said.

Since then I have become good friends with the Bishop and he continues to encourage my vocation each and every time I see him; which is about two or three times a month. I go to all the Bishop masses because he encourages me and challenges me to find out who I am.

I am in the process this summer of discerning if I want to enter the college seminary. I will begin paperwork in September if I decide that is the route I want to go. I recently switched parishes, to be in a parish where the pastor supported my vocation to the priesthood, instead of one that encouraged me to live a sinful life in our sinful world. I am now a new member at that parish.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Ed L.

December 2007 Update: Ed has, after much thought and prayer, decided to leave the seminary and enter a Catholic University after one semester in college seminary. Please keep him in your prayers.

June 2009 Update: Edward will be joining a diocesan seminary again this Fall. Keep him in your prayers.


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