Kyrie Eleison

Friday, May 26, 2006

Hello fellow contributers and visitors,

I've added a very beautiful piece of background music to this blog. This piece is entitled 'Kyrie Eleison Missa de Angelis' and was recorded from the choir of The Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Singapore. I wanted to have the entire 2 minutes uploaded but the third-party server I used only allowed me to upload a max of 800KB which is equivelent to 46 seconds in this case.

Also, if you haven't yet noticed the bottom bar, there is a running script that reads, "Here we are Lord. We come to do your will." That what it is, we are all here, contributing to this blog because we have been called from all eternity and we want to fulfill God's will- His plan of salvation.

I hope that all of you like both the additions.

I'll leave you with a quote from Jacquer Marition's I Believe, "Christianity taught men that love is worth more than intelligence" We must never ever forget our first love and to love others as He first loved us.

God Bless.

In His Love,


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