Prayers for my vocation

Sunday, May 21, 2006

My dear friends in Christ,

It is amazing how many people vow to pray for people pursuing a religious vocation and those who will most likely pursue a vocation. I live about 20 minutes from Green Bay, I recently switched parishes; from the parish in my hometown, to one in Green Bay. Part of the reason was because my home pastor never has supported my vocation, and has tried stopping it, as he has done in the past with others who have tried to pursue the religious life. In scripture, Jesus said, "Get behind me satan" and in this case I model Jesus.

I now belong to the Cathedral parish. I just filled out paperwork to become a member a week ago. This weekend's bulletin welcomed me as a parishner, which was quite nice of them. Each week their is a social afterwards and so I go. Being announced as a new member, people wanted to know who I was. So I did just that, I told them my vocation story. Each person at my table vowed to pray for my vocation, and strongly were grateful that I would even consider such a calling. Mass is at 9 and I didn't leave til 11.

At noon I needed to be at the prayer vigil as I was a shift leader for our diocese's 40 days 4 life. So I decided to go to the perpetual adoration chapel a few miles away. I needed to talk to my pastor anyways who was saying mass at the parish where the perpetual adoration chapel is. I waited until afterwards. Monsignor introduced me to mostly all the parishners at this parish. Each one again said that they woudl pray for me as I begin to apply for college seminary.

At the vigil, I was introduced to a very nice parish. I told them my vocation story and all ten of them said that they would pray for me.

You see my friends, people are praying for us, what a great reward for enetering into the service of the Lord.

In the Lord,

Ed L.


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