Don't Be Afraid to Say Yes to Christ

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fr Marcial Maciel, LC:

Dear young people, I now turn to you in a special way. You are in the marvelous stage of life, no doubt the most beautiful, when you have to lay the solid foundations on which you will build your life. You want to set a sure course for your lifes journey, and you avidly search for your happiness. You are going through the decisive stage of your journey, when you listen for and discern your call. What does God want of me? How can I find fulfillment and be happy? I guarantee you that you wont find the answer outside of Gods will, away from Christ. Let Christ into your personal world, let him become your reference point for all your decisions. Open your heart to him. Seek to know and love him more each day (cf. no. 4).

Youth more than any other is the age of special generosity. Do not be afraid then to hear Christs voice inviting you to live consistently with your faith, to die to the worlds standards and to your own disordered passions so that he can reign in your heart. You are in Rome, the city that beheld the supreme testimony of faith and love given by thousands of our brothers and sisters who shed their blood for Christ during the first centuries. Today is your turn to repeat their same gesture of heroic fidelity, not now in the arena of a Roman circus, but in the modern coliseums of your cities, in your universities and places of work, and where you relax and enjoy yourself. Nowhere can be left outside Christs influence. Give witness to him with your actions and your words. Be proud to be a Christian and to behave like one. Do not be afraid to say, yes to Christ, because only then will you also be saying yes to your most noble ideals.

But most of all be courageous and generous enough to leave everything and follow Christ if you hear his voice say to you, as he said to the first disciples in the Gospel, follow me and I will make you fishers of men. (Mt. 4:18-23). Rejoice and give God thanks for choosing so sublime a gift for you.


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