Priestly Ordinations Today

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Today our diocese celebrated the ordination of three of our brothers, into the sacred order of priesthood. His Excellency, the Most Reverend David Allen Zubik of the Diocese of Green Bay layed hands upon now, Fr. David, Fr. Quinn and Fr. Walter. Fr. Quinn has been assigned to the parish in which I am a member.

This is the third priestly ordination I have attended in my life. I attended one when I was young, and last year in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, because a son of my home parish (not my current parish) was ordained for the diocese.

Today, I saw the person who really has been instrumental in bringing me back to the faith, and considering the priesthood, and who converted my mother to the faith, I saw Bishop Zubik in action. It was very awesome to be present at such an amazing event. After the canidates stated their free will to ordination, and the Bishop gave permission to ordain them, and asked all gatherd in church to respond with an applause. The applause lasted for two and a half minutes.
My pairsh, The Cathedral was filled to the max with people and auxillary wing the tv needed to be utilized. The faith of the Church of Green Bay continues to amaze me. After seeing 3,000 people gather to honor the Blessed Mother at the diocesean marian shrine, really sparked me to contact the vocations department. Once again, the faith of this diocese amazed me with the overwhelming attendance at the ordination.

After the ordination I was going out and wanted to shake hands with the Bishop, now keep in mind were good friends. There was a line behind me of people wanting to talk to the Bishop or shake his hands. Bishop took me aside and told me,

"Eddie this is one thing I don't want you to forget; is today's ordination. I (Bishop Zubik) attended my first ordination as a junior in high school and haven't missed one since. Today is a very special day and I want you to remember what happened today and how this will be happening to you"

These words were very encouraging to me. I needed to find Bishop afterwards anyways to have him bless my new crucifix necklace for confirmation tomorrow, which Bishop Zubik will be conferring the sacrament to myself and the others gathered tomorrow. Anyways, I'm off to get some sleep before confirmation, and then I need to do drive 30 miles after confirmation to one of my friends who were ordained, to his mass of thanksgiving. So busy day planned for tomorrow.

Please keep me in your prayers! O yeah, tomorrow I need to ask Bishop Zubik if he can write me a letter of recommendation for college; so pray he will!

In Christ Jesus who is present on the eve of Pentecost,

Ed L.


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