What should I do?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dear friends,

I know I'm not supposed to talk about this topic here, it is so out-of-place. But I really don't know who to talk to right now. I don't even dare to talk about it in my own blog.

I wrote a post about my best friend who has made up his mind to become a homosexual. It was not meant for him to read, but he read and commented. Thinking that he probably wouldn't be browsing online during his stay in Singapore while spending time with his 'boyfriend', I wrote another post requesting for prayers the day he left Sarawak (Malaysia). But I guess I've under estimated my friend -- he read that post as well.

You see, I'm seriously worried about him, and I feel even worse every time I read what he posted in his blog, Journey Through Darkness.

I have no idea of what should be done or said right now. I'm afraid that our friendship will perish if I continually blog on my disapproval of homosexuality, which also means that I disapprove him and his relationship with another guy. Every time I submit posts on homosexuality, I feel as if I'm betraying him. I don't know what I should do to convince him that homosexuality is wrong... I don't want to repeat my old mistake and ruin a friendship I really cherish. I've never imagined that my best buddy would one day become a homosexual.

Perhaps I should be blamed too for not being a good example as a Christian. I really wonder, how did he manage to drift with the current so fast that I failed to stop or slow him down?

Should I continue blogging on homosexuality, even though I know that he's reading all my posts? Should I openly let him know that I do not and will not approve his relationship? How should I do that without affecting our friendship?

Oh Lord, please help me! I am so lost, so lost...


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