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Sunday, July 16, 2006

The non-retreat was beautiful. It was exactly what I needed. It was quiet when I needed quiet and fun when I wanted to laugh. There were various activities, each with its own benefit.

I was happy to run into a stranger-friend (we'd been on retreat together once before but hadn't ever really gotten to know each other) and talk with her about her vocation during the weekend. She didn't really know where she was going or where she was being led but it was awesome to see her willingness to be open to whatever it is the Lord has in store for her. We talked a lot about the confusion in it all and what the beginning steps are like.

She had me laughing so much! Thank you, Lord, for that light in my life. She is truly a reflection of you.

Mass was beautiful each day (though I missed the first day due to work). Today it was celebrated by the bishop, one of my favorites - though not from my diocese. Afterward I had the great honor of eating brunch with him (at the same table) and a handful of other participants. I'm sorry to say most of us could only stare at him and know that we were in the presence of our shepherd. Not the supreme shepherd but a shepherd none the less. We were... star struck? He helped though and asked us all questions. He sat quietly and politely as we asked each other questions and listened to what we had gotten from the weekend. It was nice. (I also managed to get a spiritual director recommendation! Woohoo!)

At the end of the weekend I sat and talked with the girl I mentioned earlier. We had laughed so much and talked quite openly about our vocational journey. Shortly before saying goodbye (as in a minute or less) she told me very non-chalantly that she think she desires to be a nun.


I was so happy for her! My heart filled with joy. I remember so well that moment of realization and the joy I felt! How I wanted to share it with everyone I saw! How happy I am now speaking of this!

Please keep her in your prayers. She's going to need them!


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