Sunday, July 30, 2006

Today there was poor weather, it was like the day Jesus died, it was so dark, it was honestly 8:00 and it looked like it was 1:00 in the morning.

With that in mind, I did not feel comfortable driving to Green Bay, (25 minutes) for mass like i normally do. I really didn't want to go to mass in the town I live in becasue I just talked to the pastor here yesterday and once again he was so rude to me and sarcastic, and I knew I could live without that.

So I desided I could either go to one parish twelve minutes away or a parish 26 minutes away. It was 9:24 and I was heading out the door. The internet didn't list the time for the parish twelve minutes away, told me the city didn't exist. So I decided to go to the parish in which my spiritual director is pastor. Decided to drop in and suprise him!

I walk into the parish at 9:58 so unlike me. but there was a car on the highway driving 45 in a 55, there was honestly a parade of cars infront of me and behind me, traffic was heavy so no one could pass! I walk into the parish and say, Hey Fr. Joe and it's not Fr. Joe it's our vocaiton director for the diocese! Fr. Joe was chaperoning a trip to Steubenville North in Minnesota so the Vocation Director came to promote vocations and to ask people to pray and invite others to join the priesthood or the consecrated life.

He told before he processed in that he had a package for me in his car that he has had for the past 4 weeks, and whenever he saw my car at St. Peter and Paul it was locked so he couldn't put it in there.

I had initially planned to send him an email on August 17th, for a few reasons my decision to pursue the college seminary. Something said, you were able to meet him here today for a reason, go talk to him and go out for lunch. I talked to a friend first at the parish and she told me that after work she has been going to the perpetual adoration chapel and thought just yesterday that she might be called to become a religious sister, she told her parents yesterday, and today it just so happened to be vocation day at the parish!

I talked to Fr. and I asked him if he was heading back to Green Bay now, and he said, "Not until we go out to eat" So we did just that we went out to eat. I told him everything, that I strongly felt called to the priesthood, I shared with him my view about dating now and how I didn't think it would be healthy. He agreed with me 100 percent and told me that now we must establish a good friendship with frequent meetings so later on he can go before the bishop and say, "I think Ed would make a good seminariand and we want him to study for our diocese"

We will be just doing that in the future! Great news my fellow friends, if I could ask, please continue to pray that I may follow my vocation and respond 100 percent!

In the Lord,



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