Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I feel growth in all aspects of my life. I am overwhelmed at the power (and mercy) of God in transforming such a sinner as myself into something more of Himself. I certainly am not worthy of the graces I receive and I will never be worthy here on this earth to be His bride. Still, He seeks me. He calls my name. He whispers to my heart. Oh the joy that I know in His loving embrace!

I must say that it is difficult to describe in words (what a human thing!) the changes that are happening in me. I'm sure He has been working there for a while but we, ignorant beings that we are, seldom realize it until much later. This is my much later. I am anxious to continue on this journey. I feel like a child waiting to see where the road will lead next.

+Lord, lead me where you would have me!


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