How Blessed I Am In My Unworthiness

Monday, July 17, 2006

My unworthiness blesses me greatly. How much more joy I know being a sinner and having the love of God despite that.

My how this weekend has helped to provide some much needed clarity for me. How obvious things were in a seemingly perfect balance of socialization and solitude! How often have I heard what was told to me this weekend (in private) and shrugged it off?

+Lord, I apologize for ignoring the gifts you have given me, the graces you have poured out on me, the things you have done for me! You alone are worthy of my praise!

I make the commitment to myself and to my God to be fruitful. I will not squander what good the Lord has given me. I shall not waste His beautiful gifts.

+Lord, you alone are my God and you alone I wish to serve. Help me to use the gifts you have given me to serve you in and through my neighbor.


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