How Great Our Audacity!

Monday, July 31, 2006

It is a sobering thought, but one that we must consider. Here we are considering asking for the greatest gifts of God that we can receive on this earth (surpassed only by the Eucharist).

I have been considering the priesthood as long as I can remember, from mimicking the priest with the cheerios or crackers I had as a snack (tht would have to be kindergarten, as young as 4). The more I learn about the priesthood, the more I truly dread the day, that I might actually be called to this. I, as great a sinner as I am!, but in recognizing my unworthiness, I find the strength in me to carry on. Nay, I find a such a drive in me that nothing else will do, that I must find the most perfect state of life I can manage (not I, but He living in me), running the risk of my soul to save the souls of others. (if I can just hold the gate a little wider!!!)

For if I should fail, and without His grace and being truly called I cannot succeed, then great are the torments that await me (and the road to hell is paved with the skulls of priests and religious)!

And yet, if we succeed, through the grace of God, how much greater our joy for those we have aided!



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