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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I haven't had a chance to post much on here or my blog due to extreme busyness this summer. However...I feel I ought to say the following, something I have realized the past summer.

I have found that I have had many times of "spiritual dryness"...times where I feel God has stepped back. I realized that there were 2 things that I wasn't doing to spend time with God, however:

1) I did not spend enough time in silence with God. Silence with God gives one time to listen, while doing all our daily prayers of our normal routine (which are good) don't always give God the ability to talk...or He does but we don't give Him the chance to be heard.

2) I did not get enough time to read. I love to read. It is a great passion of mine especially, though I think that for anyone serious in their faith, according to their ability, ought to learn more about their faith and about the figures of the faith. I especially love reading about the Saints. Why is this especially important? Because I find reading, especially about the Saints, lights a fire in my heart, seeing holiness and truth, wanting, despite all obstacles, to love and and praise God by being holy. We are all called to be saints, and to see people who have fulfilled that call before us gives me at least great hope in the idea that, despite my weaknesses, Christ can do amazing things through each and every person if they are willing to co-operate.

So I encourage you all, read, learn, pray. Pray the rosary, grow in holiness, be a saint, be another Christ to others. These things will help you through the tough times and give you the ability to embrace things with joy.

On a personal note, I have moved into the cathedral parish here in Victoria. Myself and 2 other young men who are discerning their call to the priesthood have moved here in order to build community and support and have a prayerful community to help us discern. It's very nice having Jesus as my neighbour. All I have to do is go downstairs and through the Sacristy and I can spend as much time as I like with Jesus. Please pray for us (we are calling the community the Brothers of St Philip Neri), and we will be praying for vocations, good, holy, and saintly ones.



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