Slightly Distressed

Sunday, August 13, 2006

It seems I find myself in a situation similar to the one mentioned in my introduction - the one where my mother wrote a Christmas letter which included the announcement of my discernment. This time the problem is my father. Despite my asking him (countless times), he continues to spread word of my discernment. I was approached today before Mass by a fellow choir member and questioned about it. Albeit enthusiastic questioning, I was upset. I hadn't wanted everyone to know!

After coming home, I approached my father about the situation. I asked him politely if he had told and, choking back laughter, admitted it. He just doesn't take it as seriously as I do sometimes. I was VERY serious when I asked that my parents not tell people. Obviously that was useless.

This whole situation upsets me greatly. It is not so much an issue of people knowing (though that is huge in my mind) but an issue of respect.


Pray for me.


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