Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I came to post my apologies for not having blogged - and saw that moneybags has been in the same situation. I have been unbelievably busy the past few weeks and when I do get online I try to make my visits short and sweet.

Work has kept me VERY busy but I am thankful to have a full (well, almost) three days off of work. I am not taking classes right now though I do plan on taking something before the semester is over. As of now the plan is still to major in nursing but we'll see how things go.

I have not talked to the sisters in some time and do hope to speak with them soon. I know that time is closing in on me in this year and if I want to come this fall (and if they can take me in for a few days) that I need to start planning now.

I am blessed to be able to attend daily Mass most days. It truly has done great things for me. I am also able to make confession twice a week. I know Sister said it was important that I receive the sacraments often but I had no idea! If only more people could receive more often...

Anyway, even in my off time I have quite a few things to get done. So... prayers for you all, bloggers and readers. I ask for yours as well. I definitely need them!

May God bless and Mary keep now and forever!


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