Prayers for tomorrow (Oct. 26)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tomorrow I will have one of the busiest days in my life.

I will go to Green Bay early in the morning to go to mass, then go to Walmart to buy oranges. After that, I'm taking a guy from Germany to our diocesean marian shrine where the Blessed Mother appeared in the 1800's emphasizing catechesis to the young people. After our pilgrimage there, I have a meeting at 1:00; then I need to travel sixty miles after that meeting for a 3:30 meeting with this priest called a "Priest Perceiver" We will talk and through our conversation he will be able to perceive my strengths and weaknesses in regards to ministry which is a part of the seminarian application process. Following that meeting he is taking me out to supper. I then want to visit a priest who is a well known priest thoughout the United States as he beat all odds to found a Catholic medical center, a homeless shelter amongst many others which are operated by the Catholic Church. He suffers from Diabetes, and will be undergoing amputation on Friday. He is known to a few seminarians and those who have developed a friendship and have to a great appreciation of this man. I wish to establish that same relationship as others.

Finally after that I need to be back in Green Bay that evening as I am staff for a retreat called, TEC or Teens Encounter Christ. My four day vacation will be all ministry, as I will be doing that from Thurs-Sun.

I ask for your pryaers, because when I go to that Priest Perceiver I will be driving further south than I ever have before. It is a busier stretch of high way and well I am uncertain of my driving capabilities for this journey. Pray for me and for my safety throughout my travels tomorrow and for all those retreatents!

Thanks so much!

Ed L


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