What would you have me do?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It is one thing to hear that you need more 'life experience' from an order and something else completely when you hear it from someone who does not wish for you to enter religious life. Usually when an order is telling you this, it's a nice way of saying that you have some maturing to do and some 'experiencing' to do to make sure you aren't potentially running from something. I have a problem though with someone telling me that I'm wrong for discerning a call to the religious life because I haven't experienced life.

What exactly defines 'experiencing' life? At what point can you sit back and say you've experienced life and that you can now enter a convent? What would they have me do? The important question is: What, Lord, would you have me do?

Discerning is not entering. Discerning is courting.. kinda. People aren't quick to tell a young woman that she shouldn't date because she hasn't 'experienced' life yet. They congratulate her and want to know all about the young man she's seeing.

What is that?

If my Lord wishes me to be His bride, I wish for nothing else. Is that so hard to understand?

I am officially two days out from my visit. Please pray for me.


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