Authenticity in Discerning Priesthood

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Discerning a vocations is very complicated, as many of you know. It is not determined overnight, even though often people feel confident about it from a young age. There are many distractions which keep us away in this bussy world of sin we live in. Often issues like marriage, and celibacy or chasity are questioned. Other times it is more basic like, "do I want to be an enigineer, a firegither, or an NBA player?" Satan tempts us to see how much faith and confidence we have in the Lord. He also puts ideas like "I am not worthy, therefore, the priesthood is not for me." While it is true we are unworthy, that dosen't matter, for no man is worthy. What God has put in store for one, let no man alter. Also, often people feel like they are called, and that is it. Feelings are defninetly a issue, but not the big picture. Issues would be more like you love the Catholic faith, you love the Sacrifice of the Mass, the sacraments, and desire to minister to God's people and make a difference in the world. Often things like the fact you love studying the faith, or things of this sort are external factors. While each is important and essential, the biggest point is the Holy Spirit. Discernemt is no fad. It works. But only discernement according to the Divine Mind workds. Anything less turns out to be another gimmick here today and gone tommorow. So, when we are in union with the Holy Spirit, then we can know the will of the Father. All of this process most have one thing, authenticity. Authenticity coincides with sanctity. The saint alone is fully real, honest, faithful, loving and genuine. He alons is immeresed in the beauth, truth and ecstasy. Please, if you feel called even slightly to the priesthood, check and see if you have any of these qualities, ask fellow parishoners if they think you would make a good priest, and above all, pray the the Holy Spirit, but in all this, be authentic, it is the only way to go.


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