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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My name is Paul VI, and I am from a small rural town of Colorado, just west of the contential divide. About four months ago, I discovered the world of Catholic Blogs, and after continual study, I decided to start my own, dedicated to serving the people of my local community, and the universal church. So, I opened Mysterium Fidei, dedicated to spreading the truth about the Roman Catholic Church. After much contact with several bloggers, I was blessed to meet Moneybags, and found his site, A Catholic Life, to be a source of inspiration, and hope for the future of the Church in the Third Millenium. I briefly talked to Moneybags of my desire to become a priest, and he was so kind to invite me to join, after converting Holy Vocations Blog to Beta. So, here I am, telling my story, and begging for prayers! (Yes, please, pray for me, and rest assured, I will pray for you!) Here is my story:
When I was seven years of age, I wanted to be the pope. My grandma made papal vestments for me, and I had an altar, and used a bird cage to make a tabernacle, and found odd household items to use to celebrate the Mass. I went so far as to take a crucifix off my bedroom wall and tape it to a broom stick to make a processional cross. I went so far as to make my siblings to processions in the backyard, as we sang hymns such as "Immaculate Mary" and prayed the rosary. After much thougth, my mom convinced me just to start off with wanting to be a priest. Ever since, I have had no doubts, but an open mind! In 2002, I went to Rome. A friend and me got close to the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II. We cried, "Holy Father, Holy Father, we want to be priests!" He looked kindly at us and said, "You will make it, I assure you!" and blessed us. A year latter, I entered the Legionaries of Christ, minor seminary, Immaculate Conception Apostolic School in Center Harbor, New Hampshire. After being there for one year, and helping found the new seminary in Colfax, California, I discerned that the Legion was not for me. There is nothing wrong at all with the Legionaries, it was just not my call. So, I came home, and am a canidate for the Archdiocese of Denver where I plan on attending St. John Vianney College Seminary at St. Thomas University for 2 years, and then come back to Denver, and study at St. John Vianney Seminary (the local Denver seminary) for a reminder of 7 years. I desire to minister to the people, as a servant, teacher, and minister. People are thirsting for Christ, and I want to give them drink! I wish to become the servant of the servants of God. (No, not the Pope this time, but even the servant of the pope.) I ask your prayers, and once again, wish to thank Moneybags, and all for your welcome, and gracious hospitality!

Update: As of 2008, Nicholas (aka Paul VI) is no longer a member of Holy Vocations Blog.


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