In need of prayer once more...

Monday, January 01, 2007

Yep. I'm needing prayer again. I'm in what seems to be an in-between. Again. I keep forgetting to call and set up an appointment with my SD (which makes me really anxious when I remember) and I don't really have anyone to lean on until I get to that meeting... which could be up to a month away. *sigh* I'm feeling blue.

I don't mean to sound so depressing because really.. I'm IN-BETWEEN. On the one hand I am really anxious and ready to see my SD and wishing I had some friends around to lean on.. and on the other hand I'm really excited to be understanding more fully what it is God wants from me. I feel very reassured in some things (but again, on the other hand need to speak with my SD about them) and that excites me. And I'm blessed to have one confidante around and listening when I need to spill the beans to someone. And I have come to appreciate anonymous very much. I like that it's not just me talking.. but us both sharing. It eases my nerves when I feel like no one around me can hear me or understand what I'm saying.

I guess I'm just in need of fellowship and prayer. It seems like none of my friends that are close to me physically are close to me emotionally or spiritually. And those who are distant in physical location are those that really understand. They are the ones I wish were closer and more available. Selfish? Yeah, a little. But a girl's gotta watch out for herself.. and for her soul.

*Sigh* I need to remember to call the church...


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