Friday, February 16, 2007

I have composed the following prayer in preperation for Lent. I encourage all to pray this, and others often. I ask all Catholic bloggers to pray this as a novena in prep. for Holy Lent.

Lord of all grace and fountain of all holiness,I beg you through the the merits of your Son's most precious blood which was shed on the cross for my sins, and my salvation, teach me to love you as you love me. Give me a heart filled with awe for your presence, and teach me to follow your decrees in humility and sincerty. Give me the faith of a mustard seed so that it may grow thru the waters of my baptisim and the promies I have made to you. Once again I promise to reject Satan, all his evil ways, and walk in the light as a child of God. Father of Mercy, I approach your throne of mercy, and ask forgivness for all the times I have offended you who are infinatley good. Father, give me the mercy! Don't let Jesus' suffering and death be in vain. I love you Lord Jesus. In your name we pray. Amen


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