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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Desert Paths

alone in the silence
silent as the dust
the dust meets my footsteps as I travel

Whither do I wander, Lord,
among such dusty dunes?
And why?
Have you despised my echoes
‘round these stones of solitude?

And yet – not so!
The desert hush envelops me in peace
and peace consoles
and dry consolation speaks
of stones
and bread
and words of God
and One Who traveled here so long ago.

Perhaps this dust has not forgotten,
perhaps the sand remembers
when footsteps of the Ancient One did stir
its silent transience.

O Desert Master!
Wandering King!
I find it was not so many ages hence
when your feet graced this path –
for through the dark and lonely hush
you have been my gait’s companion.

And lo! the Teacher beckons:
walk these desert pathways
live the prophets’ patience
breathe the arid stillness
learn my hidden ways

Remembrance stirs –
was it not this very call I followed
so many steps and steps ago?
Is not this voice the same
as guided – guides! – my broken steps
along the narrow way?

Time ceases.
That gaze, those burning eyes,
which hold the world within their love,
arrest me in my wandering,
as song bursts from within my soul to meet
and add to this eternal symphony,
which now it hears and sings and knows by heart,
and has since my creation.

My Lord, I come!
I trust in you
and in your loving faithfulness!
Wherever on desert paths you lead,
wherever in stillness you call,
wherever through darkness you draw,
my being follows willingly.

And now, again, on desert paths
I find my place
and know my purpose here:

alone to be with my Lord
silent, awaiting His call
rejoicing in dusty steps as I travel


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