A rather mendicant post...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

This is mostly a prayer request, but I'd welcome fundraising advice, too. :) I will be studying in Rome next year as a part of my graduate program, which will be a great opportunity for continuing formation and preparation for entering the monastery. But there is a catch. The program will cost about $4000 more than what my savings can cover (and I do mean after I hit rock bottom), and I will also have to pay for my own meals while abroad. Now, I don't eat *that* much food, but I do need something more than a piece of toast and a cup of tea per day in order to survive, so I'll need to raise at least $2000 more towards my sustinence.

In addition to the usual summer job, I do have the option of taking out some loans to cover the costs of the coming year, and I will if I must. But I cannot enter a monastery until all debts are paid off, and most communities require some sort of dowry upon entrance (to pay for some of my expenses during the year of postulancy...things like health ensurance, clothing, and necessities). Any outstanding loans I have upon graduating will simply delay my entrance even longer. This is not an attractive option. (But God's will be done.)

And now, for the mendecant part of this post: I'm selling handmade rosaries and chaplets over at my blog to help earn my way to the Angelicum, and I'd be humbly grateful if any reader from here would be interested in buying one of them. I've also taken up the tin cup of the proverbial beggar over there. Anything helps immensely -- it's another day without going hungry, or without resorting to cobblestone serenading and hoping that some kind soul will throw an Euro into my violin case.

Most of all, though, I ask for your prayers, that the Lord's will be done in all things, and that He would grant me the means to follow it unreservedly!


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