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Friday, April 13, 2007

Christus Resurrexit!

So today I finally found the courage to talk to someone about discernment. I biked up to the seminary only to realize that despite the number of times I've been there visiting friends I had no idea where the vocations office was. Still too shy to ask anyone for help, I did the stereotypical male thing and wandered around until I found it. Then, summoning all the courage I could muster, meekley knocked on the door. Turns out that nobody was there except a subsustitue assistant.

So with all my momentum killed, I sheepishly left my name and number to be called back later. Luckily Father is very efficient at getting back to you, because an hour later I was on the phone with him setting up a meeting for this Sunday at 2. Ironically, I will be comming to that meeting from the first Mass of a newly ordained priest.

Kinda nervous, not gonna lie.

In Notre Dame,
Giuseppe Paschal


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