Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hi all,
I've always read the posts of all who contribute to this blog, and comented, but I never joined the blog. So I'm proud to say that I am officially part of the Holy Vocations Blog! (Thanks to Matthew for creating it!)

I always signed my comments as "Chelsea" my blogger name will be St. Faustina or Faustina, as that is my confirmation saint. I just wanted to let you all you (hopefully) won't get too confused. :-)

Well...I was asked to tell a little bit about myself:

I am a cradle Catholic, and proud of it. Being the oldest of 6 children has given me many responsibilities over the years, but most important of these I am responsible in helping form the spiritual lives of all my younger siblings, so that they can come to know, love and serve our Lord better.

I have been discerning a religious vocation since I was about 13. When I was taking a class at my parsh some nuns were invited to give their vocation stories. This was the first encounter I had ever had with religious sisters. I must say I was thrilled! I had no idea why at the time...but I stayed up ultra late that night, researching different websites in search of a community that I thought would "fit the glove." I didn't know that a religious vocation isn't something you just find and do in a couple of hours, it is a life long process, that alows one to give themselves completely and wholy to Christ.

While looking through a vocation booklet one day, I found the Daughters of St. Paul. Boy was I amazed! A nun with a video camera was staring out of the picture on the page and right at me. I read the article, wrote a letter, and the next thing I knew I found myself at the St. Paul Summer Program at the mother house in Boston, Ma. Being at the convent for a week, made me even more excited about religious vocations than I already was! (Which was nigh impossible at that point.:-)) You know that horse craze most young girls get? Well you could say I had Nun craze!!! I had Pictures of nuns on my door and around my room...and of course my hero JPII was found there too!!!

Well, long story short, until just recently, I thought that I was going to enter the Daughters of St. Paul. One morning my mom and I were talking about gifts and talents. I realized that my strengths didn't lie in writing or editing (As you can well see!) but my talents were in musc and playing musical instruments, this was when I realized that my love for music could be given to others in the form of teaching. More importantly I can teach others to use music to praise Jesus. In fact, my favorite way to pray, is to play an instrument or just sing.

My life's journey has led me to new places, new people, new adventures. The Lord has called me to be a witness for Him, to help Him further His kingdom. I cannot let Him down.

I hope that my posts, in some small way, can bring someone closer to Christ. I pray for each and everyone of you every single day. Please keep me in your prayers as well.
Thank you So much and God Bless!


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