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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hi everyone,

My blogger name is Charity Therese (CT for short), and I am a cradle Catholic. After many prayers and thinking, I've decided to join this wonderful blog.

I've been discerning...I think for a long time, but I know that I definitely found out that I had a vocation for nine months now. Back, back then, when I thought about religious life, I thought No Way! I definitely couldn't imagine myself as a nun and doing all those great things that they do. Though I secretly admired all the things that the nuns close by did. But at the thought of entering any of the orders, I dismissed the thought immediately. I wanted to be an ordinary person...go to and hang out with friends and all that. Somehow though, I sort of knew that God was calling me, but I didn't want to admit it. My first time to be really around and talked to a nun was when one of my mom's old friends from college (a St. John the Baptist nun from Rome) visited my family and I for two weeks. I really liked this sister, I admired her always smiling face and the way she talked about Jesus' love, and almost anything. She also got me thinking, Why is she so happy? Wouldn't she be missing her parents and family so much? Why did she sacrifice all that? What is this source of happiness? After this St. John the Baptist nun left to go back to Rome, I secretly started to discern a vocation to the religious life, but I didn't tell anyone about this.

It was until then that a Daughter of St. Paul novice (she's not a novice anymore, she had her vows last month) came with my family and I to a children's Mass and gave a vocation talk and then some information about the Daughters of St. Paul to some of the older girls including I. At once I knew for sure that God was calling me to the religious life. I became so overly excited, that I wanted to jump up and down proclaiming to the world that I wanted to be a nun so badly! (I didn't though:-)) I felt that I was definitely being called to the religious life. I began to hang around this novice, talk with her, and help her with one of the sales of books. Unfortunately though, I wasn't brave enough to tell that kind novice about wanting to be a nun at that time before she left to go back to Boston. I tried to tell her in secret sometimes when she was around, but I always got too afraid and nervous and decided to wait for another better time.

When she left for Boston, I began to blame myself for not telling this Daughter of St. Paul novice about my thinking I had a vocation called to the religious life. I felt bad, and a deep regret for not having being brave enough and always got making excuses not to. After a while, I felt like I wanted so badly to tell the same understanding Daughter of St. Paul novice about my discerning, but I always tried making myself excuses and whenever I had the chance to email her. But then, as you would probably say, God finally pushed me and so few months after this novice's departure for Boston, I told her everything in one email, and sent it to her with shaky hands. A few minutes after sending the novice this email, I began to think that it was silly to tell her, but I was also worried. I felt that maybe she would think that I would be weird to change all of a sudden. I also worried about this for my friends close by. I thought that my good friends, the ones that I often spent time with, played, and talked so much with, would avoid me or treat me differently, if I had ever told them about my discerning. Though, after a while, I decided not to tell them anything at all, and not to worry a thing about it anymore.

The next day I received the Daughter of St. Paul novice's reply to my email giving me some vocational advice, a little bit of info of the Daughters of St. Paul, and telling me that she was happy for me that I was discerning. I was so relieved when I read this, and I emailed her back and she emailed me, and so on.

Following Christ is really an adventure for me. So far He has opened many new doors in my life, some that I have never expected, including moving. Mass and prayer are some of the things that has helped me in many ways to be closer to Christ. Another thing is reading much of the lives of the saints, so that I would inspired to follow their great examples in responding to God's callings to them. Many of the saints had their own way of obedience and their responding to God.

I've kept this discerning as a secret, though I think maybe some of my friends know by my profile in the about me. I do hope that my friends living around aren't offended by my discerning or anything. Please pray for me!
I'm still not sure where God is leading me now, though daily Mass keeps me completely together and comforts me in whatever I'm going through, even if it's scary, exciting, in difficult times, or sad times.

I've been reading this Holy Vocations blog for quite a while. I especially loved to read the introductions of all the contributors. All of you are really amazing! As I first read this blog and a few introductions, I wished that all my friends could be discerning also. What joy it is to be serving Christ! And to be devoted to Him always too! I hope in my posts I would help others in their discerning, or maybe in their problems in discerning, by postings of several of the saints' examples of their obedience to Christ.

Thanks for all your prayers!
May God shower His abundant blessings on all of you!!!

In Christ,


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