Card Access Troubles

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life is full of challenges: diseases, tornadoes, and, the most dreaded of all: evil card readers at college residence halls. For the past three days now, the possessed card reader box at Cretin Hall, where I'm living from this past Sunday until next May, is denying me access, and it took 5 visits to the Residence Life Office, 4 visits to the Card Office, and a couple of visits to Public Safety to figure out that the problem was not my UST ID Card, but the deranged card reader boxes outside Cretin Hall. The experience was quite frustrating, and, even now that the lock has been temporarily changed to fit my dorm room key while they fix the card reader boxes. But, thinking about it, this experience is reflective of our journeys through discernment. Things don't always work the way we plan, and sometimes it takes multiple attempts until we find the right key (or magnetic ID card) that unlocks the door to our vocation. Satan, like that demented card reader box, will try to throw us off track, but we musn't give up trying. Eventually, God will show us the way through the door, and we will be amazed at what we find behind it. As for myself, my vocational journey is much like my experience today. I've found the door to my vocation (the priesthood), but I'm still searching for the right key (religious order) to get me through the door, and I believe that many of you may fit this description as well. Don't despair, though, we'll all eventually be entrusted with the keys to the doors behind which lie our vocations, it's just a matter of time, and God will grant us the access we seek when He determines we're ready.
May God bless all our vocational journeys, lead us to the vocations He has planned for us, and give us all that we need to follow Him and serve Him through these vocations.


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