Back to school

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ!

I apologize for not posting in while. But as the time draws near for those like myself who are still are i school if it be highschool or college we start soon. For many, too soon. It saddens me in some ways to go back to school, aside from the academic part. In my high school sin and evil seem to be around every corner. I always found myself putting a wall up trying to block sin and my trying to block the people who persecute me for loving my faith. But to many times that wall became something I hid behind.

As I prepare to go back to school I ask for your prayers. I am nervous about this year and everything in it. From work, to that wall, to being around that much sin which is hard to conquer sometimes, and to just being there. So please pray for me and know that you all are in my prayers!


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