Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
There's an old saying that states "Expect the unexpected", and I suppose I should have remembered that saying this weekend. Some unexpected pleasant surprises occurred over the weekend that I never would have anticipated. The best of all these surprises are that my parents told me that they thought that the Jesuits would be a good fit for me, indicating that they support my discernment of a Jesuit vocation. Also, my mother echoed remarks from my spiritual director, pastor, and friends that the Jesuits would be a better fit than the Franciscans. This is the sense I had as well, so maybe I've already found the order that I should join in 2009. Having my parents on my side is a big relief, and eliminated the last anxiety I had about joining the Jesuits, which is a good thing.
This academic year I will try to validate whether the Jesuits are the order God wishes me to join, and hopefully I'll have a good indication one way or the other before I leave to study in Rome next fall. So, my brothers and sisters and companions in discernment, I ask you to keep my discernment in your prayers this school year, as I validate whether or not God is calling me to join the Jesuits. May God grant you abundant blessings as you discern God's will for you.
In Christ,

+ Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam +


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