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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I would like to recommend the Catalyst periodical, as an excellent source of information in regards to the church and the media, as well as an excellent cause to make a contribution to. William Donohoue, president of the Catholic League, which publishes the Catalyst, is an excellent and intelligent defender of our faith to those in the secular world who bash catholics all the time. He and those who work within the Catholic League are currently trying to prevent the movie "The Golden Compass" written by well-known British atheist Philip Pullman. The book is one of three, aimed at infiltrating the minds of children with atheistic thought. The book has been made into a film, and is scheduled to be released soon. But we will not allow it! Please do not go to see the movie, and tell others the truth behind Hollywood and Pullmans' agenda. For more information please visit;


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