Forward Motion

Monday, October 08, 2007

Dear Friends in Christ,

It's been... oh, I'd say about a month and a half now, that I've been in college. I think there must be something but about just being in college that makes you think a lot about what your future entails. The only thing that I feel certain about is that I want to study philosophy and theology. Past that, I haven't an idea. What do I want to do? Heck if I know.

I'm still feeling a small, consistent call to what might be the religious life. College only seems to be fostering this idea to its fullest. Seeing and talking and interacting with the seminarians on campus inspire me each and every day. Having the opportunity for daily Mass and to slip into the Church for personal prayer whenever I like is also wonderful.

With all of this nagging at me, I decided to follow through with a suggestion I was given and I scheduled an appointment with my school's interim-chaplain. After meeting with him for about an hour, he suggested that I begin spiritual direction with him. We've met twice now, and I have to admit that this has been an absolute blessing to me.

So, I'm still in nowhere land, it feels. But I think I'm making some sort of "forward motion" in my discernment. My spiritual director suggests at least a three year wait (because of being a recent convert) before entering, but that right now is the perfect time to work on my relationship with Christ, to grow in holiness.

At any rate, that's where I'm at. Feels kind of weird, but at the same time kind of frustrating. Sometimes I just want to know right now. Impatience, I know. Still, I feel assured that God is leading me and that with time, He will reveal to me what it is He wants of me.

Peace in Christ,


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