The Power of Silence

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hello my fellow Discerners!

In todays world, life is nonstop...we are constantly moving and going, and working and studying, and at times it can be easy to forget to stop and spend some time with yourself and God. I just recently got a taste of this...

Tonight I was supposed to cantor for the first time at my new parish, however I have lost my voice. Ironically it was because I had strained my vocal chords during cantor rehearsal. At first I thought that it was God's way of saying, "There are so many cantors out there and only so few can play the oboe for me", until it dawned on me that I would not be able to play until my vocal chords heal, so next I thought it was God way of saying, "You have spent so much time playing and singing for me, how about you just come and spend time with me...", but that did not seem to quite fit since I go to daily mass and spend extra time with God there, and that's when it hit me, God was telling me to "shut up and listen"...due to my voice I am not permitted to speak, thus leaving me to countless hours of silence, and it is through silence that one truly finds themselves and is capable of hearing Gods voice speak more clearly...

I invite all of you, at least if you haven't done so already and spend sometime in silence, and to try to listen to the voice of God...

May God be with all you in your discernment!


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