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Monday, December 31, 2007

Well its been along time since I’ve posted! It has been one crazy and stressful semester! High school can be well... insane. Keeping up with grades, dealing with just trying to be a teenager today and trying to truly find God’s will. I go back to school on Thursday and then I have midterms the week of the 14th. Please keep me in your prayers then, unfortunately I’ve been struggling to keep up lately.

Other than that nothing has really changed in my life. Though more and more I feel called to the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara. Yes I am young, but its never to early to realize what God is calling you to, after all The Little Flower entered at 15.

The last few months I have felt that pull to the convent stronger. Everything that I have ever wanted to find in an order I found in them. I just couldn’t imagine anything else. I feel so at peace when I think about entering. Actually, the other night I had a dream about the day of entering. Even though dreams can sometimes be a little crazy I felt so happy about entering when I woke up. I was more relaxed about everything.

The is just one thing that still seem to bother me though. I know for a fact that one of my grandmothers is extremely against me entering. She has no idea that I have a calling but yet my whole life she’s always made comments that tell me she is against it. I’m her only granddaughter. And I know that the day I tell her I have a vocation to the religious life she will be very angry with me. Unless she has a change of heart my only hope for anyone to calm her when I tell her is my adopted grandfather. He has a way of calming her. Please keep him in your prayers that if it be God’s will that he will be on this earth for a longer time so I may bring Him with me when I tell her. I would greatly appreciate it.

God bless!


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