Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A kind Priest agreed a while back to teach me to serve Mass for him, but he didn't have a Cassock to fit me. So, I had to buy one...

It finally arrived today! One of my regular readers at Rise and Pray contributed to the cost, and so has my eternal thanks.

As I tried it on for the obligatory photo, my thoughts turned to the discernment of a Priestly vocation. Though it sounds 'obnoxiously pious' the prayer/thought ran through my head "Oh my Jesu, You have allowed my to be clothed in this; You could have ordered otherwise. Let me do everything to be Your faithful servant".

I know it's not actually a big deal, as it's not even time to apply to seminary yet (September looms fast, though!), but I wondered if readers could appreciate the sentiment...?


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