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Friday, January 11, 2008


My name is Diego. I am a 16-year-old male attending a Roman Catholic private high school.

I first started to take my faith seriously when, after attending public school all of my life, I first began at a Roman Catholic private school. Theology classes interested me greatly, and the Carmelite Sisters even more.

My first Theology teacher, one of the Carmelites, taught our class about Our Lady of Fatima. I'll admit: at first I was like, "Who?!" I thought she might've been talking about Mother Theresa. Wrong. When I finally figured out who she was talking about (that being the Mother of God) I could not believe my ears. "You mean people from heaven appear to us?!"
This was so amazing to me, even more since I had been struggling with my belief in a god - in The GOD - during my eighth grade year.

So my response to Our Lady's call to pray the Rosary and offer-up suffering was a zealous one... sort of.

I was afraid of my family's response. I knew my brothers would make fun of me. So I had to secretly pray the Rosary before going to bed, trying to concentrate. And when I discovered EWTN, that was something harder to hide.

Eventually, by the grace of God, my brother, who had discovered my secret prayer time, was OK with it. He even prayed the Rosary sometimes, too.

From there I don't even remember the order of things. Eventually I attended daily mass - at which I became one of the lectors -, went to Confession on a regular basis, became an altar server, and joined my school's Campus Ministry.

Most of this is still true today. I am now the Master of Ceremonies for my school's liturgies (under obedience to one of the Carmelite Sisters, of course), I am still a member of the Campus Ministry, I attend daily mass as many times a week as my schedule allows (although I don't lector as much as I used to), and I still go to Confession on a regular
Now regarding my vocation. I cannot begin to describe the many times I have struggled over figuring this out, how many times I have "changed my mind," and how many fears I have. I still have a lot of maturing and growing to do, as my "decisions" are usually about what I want and how cool I would look doing or being that.

My list of choices? Everything: Husband. Father. Priest. Religious Priest. Religious Brother. Monk. etc. etc.

Of course, the Carmelite Sisters have a great influence on my thoughts regarding my vocation. Whenever I think of what orders to join, a Carmelite one is always at the top of my list.

But I'll get more into detail about my vocation story later as it unfolds more and more.
Now to another matter: Holy Vocations blog. Why'd I join? I don't know. I saw a request on a phorum and 'No' just did not seem to be a possible answer. I could not force myself to refrain from e-mailing my request to join. It never even ran through my mind to do otherwise.

My hopes? I have none. I am but a mere child - literally - asking for a cup of water to drink. To satisfy my thirst for the Truth. To fill that empitness inside of me that can only be filled by Him.

Lead, Kindly Light. That is all I ask of Thee.


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