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Friday, January 25, 2008

I thought it might be time for a brief Vocation update. I think I last wrote about this in October.

A lot of little things have been happening. On the face of it all, they don't actually have much to do with discerning a Priestly vocation, but they all contribute to a movement in a particular general direction.

I have begun to serve at Mass. I know there are specific fruits/graces of serving at Mass and I pray I can continue to receive them. You can read more about them on Matthew's blog; at the same time you can see some videos of Mass over on YouTube.

I've also made contact with the Archdiocese's new vocations director, and am meant to be having dinner with him next week. I'll also be going on the Priests for Scotland "Enquirers' Retreat", which is an overnighter in Glasgow. I'm looking forward to that because it'll give me an overview to the upcoming Applicants' Year and let me meet people. At the same time I continue to take spiritual direction from another good Priest-friend of mine.

This month actually sees two small retreats for me: I'm also going to Pluscarden Abbey again soon. Fr Emerson FSSP is leading a whole bunch of us on a small weekend retreat during the middle of February. I'm really looking forward to what seems to be a good old traditional guided retreat.

Actually, on Fr Emerson's advice, I'd like to visit the FSSP Seminary at Wigratzbad sometime in the autumn. I plucked up the courage and wrote to their Vocations Director in Germany asking for advice. I'm still considering the FSSP, but know that I cannot make any decision right now. I need all your prayers for this -- I have particular considerations about this, and am not taking the choice lightly. I think I might also be visiting Rome with a Priest-friend at some point during the year.

So, yes, a lot of little things are happening. Many of them seem not very important on their own, or not amazingly related to discernment. However, I can see a general "shove" that I'm being given. I realised the other day that -- naturally, unless there is some amazing change before then -- there doesn't seem to be a choice anymore. It seems inevitable now, but not in a bad way...

(Some very weird things have happened too, e.g. finding it hard to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, but finding the burden easier when praying it from the old Breviarum Romanum, despite it being longer and harder! ...but I'm trying to ignore "weird" things! ;-p )

Keep me in your prayers! (and wish that my cold/'flu goes away quick!)

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