The Decay of Western Civilization

Friday, February 01, 2008

The threat of Islam and it's radical ideology has become more prevelant in recent years. Much of Europe's population are muslims. By the year 2050 muslims will be the overwhelming majority in Europe. More Europeans are dying than are being born, whereas the muslims have many children.
Many muslims are pushing for an "Islamization" of Europe, or an official "Islamic State." Many radical Al-Qaida muslim leaders are calling for a jihad or a "holy war" in order to cleanse the world of the infidels and promote the supreme dictatorship of Islam as the only religion. We cannot let this happen.
Islam has grown due to the decay of the west, namely our glorious Catholic Culture. Because Europe (and other countries) have lost their faith and have allowed their conscience to be dimmed by the sins of modernism, a sin which we as members of this blog, have promised to fight. Gay marriage, euthanasia, abortion, pre-marital sex, pornography, etc., has been allowed to inundate western culture and replace the truths of the faith. This why Islam has been able to get in through the cracks and take hold. We can only fight Islam by fighting, modernism, by returning to tradition, to our Catholic heritage, to our catholic culture. We must be witnesses to the beauty of our faith, so that others may see the virtue in belonging to such a cause, namely that of Jesus Christ. Only then will Europe regain the graces it has lost, only then will churches and seminaries and convents be full agian, full with those whose spirits are one with the glorious martyrs and saints of old! Do not be a fool in believeing that the Islamic threat is a mere speculation, it is trully and really happening, and we are called to defend Holy Mother Church and all of Christian Civilization! Long Live Christ the King!


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