Discernment is like clay

Monday, March 31, 2008


Here are some of my thoughts on discernment. I am currently taking a ceramics class at school and was struck by this revelation today as I was working. It may not make any sense or be at all inspiring but like I said these are just my thoughts. Anyone who has worked with clay may enjoy this!

The process of formation and discernment of a religious vocation has to be like the process of clay in the hands of the potter. First and foremost the clay has to be centered before you can start to work with it and mold it. If your clay isn't centered then the end result will be distorted and warped. So it is with the discernment of a religious vocation. We must spiritually be centered on Christ, the most intimate of loves. Like the clay when we are centered we won’t collapse as easily under the external and internal pressures applied. Yes it is a tedious process and often there is a lot of remolding and reshaping- Sometimes you are working hard and making progress but if you move you hand to or away from the clay too fast it will ruin the shape of the clay. We do this too by pushing ourselves too much or looking for answers right away. It is the divine potter who shapes us uniquely, to be filled with His Son. Even in the eyes of the world the end result of both of these processes is something that one has worked hard on, something to be cherished, and most of all something beautiful.

Your sister in Christ,


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