I'm back....and VERY confused! :-)

Monday, March 10, 2008


I just really wanted to thank everyone for the prayers this past weekend! It was really a great retreat and I am so glad I went to visit the Dominican Sisters! The only problem is that now I am more confused than EVER!!!! I am really torn right now between the two orders: The Daughters of St. Paul and the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia. Both are so different, but at the same time, they are so similar and SO beautiful.

As many of you know, the Daughters of St. Paul’s charism is spreading the Gospel by means of communication (i.e. - internet, books, CDs, videos, phone, conferences, TV, radio and all uses of mass communication.) Even more know, that the charism of the Dominican Sisters is teaching. I love both of these missions so much. I was talking with Sr. Maria Karol O.P. one evening, and she was telling me her vocation story. One thing she said really touched me: “I knew Jesus wanted me to be His bride. I knew this and I could not resist His love. So I said to myself, ‘Where I go does not matter, as long as I am with Him and He is with me.’” This is somewhat how I feel at the moment… and a certain part of me longs to share this outpouring of love with the world! I just need to figure out how Jesus wants me to do that.

The sun had just set over the city of Nashville and I had just finished my Holy Hour on Saturday evening. I found my self at the window, looking over the illuminated city of Nashville and saying to myself, ‘How many are out there…just in this city… that do not know My Beloved? How sad this is…Oh how I want to tell the whole world about His wondrous love!’

This will probably change in the next 5 minutes…J …but I think I am still leaning towards the Daughters of St. Paul, not because I think they are better or anything, but I feel so drawn to them and every time I visit, it feels like home! The contemplative life of the Dominicans is so beautiful and incredible, but I personally feel like I need to be with and immersed in the life of the people in the world, and show them the way to Christ. I do realize that the Dominican Sisters do teach school and educate our youth in a good Catholic environment. This is where I kind of get confused and change my mind…I love teaching! A lot!

I don’t know... It’s only the first day after the retreat…but I felt like I needed to write it out.
So sorry for the confused update… but please keep me in your prayers and I will certainly keep you in mine!

Thank you so much!

In His abundant love,

St. Faustina


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