Making Holy Vocations More Interactive

Sunday, March 16, 2008

As co-administrator, I suggest that we make this wonderful blog more interactive. I want to make this a space where all contributors will feel confortable with expressing themselves fully in truth and sincerity.

In order to acheive this, I suggest that throughout the next month, all our us give an update of our life in relation to the religious order/diocese we are discerning; share about where you think the Spirit of God is leading you, the level of commitment you have already put in, what you are/have been doing to foster your vocation, etc... I would also be good to indicate where you reside (country and state ought to be sufficient). You could do this by updating your Intorductory Post; please remember to leave the date so everyone will know when it was last updated.

Even though none of us may have met face to face before, such an initiative would certainly add a more personal touch to this blog and perhaps foster a spirit of care and concern for one another.



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