Uncertain Times

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Though I feel that Our Lord is hinting that I may be called to serve Him as a Jesuit, I have been asked by the Jesuit vocations director to consider other religious orders, and thoroughly explore my options. He recommended looking at the Dominicans and the Holy Cross Fathers. I have looked at the Dominicans before, and they are a good order. However, I had not looked previously at the Holy Cross Fathers, and on their vocations webpage, in the testimony of a young Holy Cross Father ordained in 2006, I saw some strong parallels between my own vocational journey and his. For both of us fear is/was a major obstacle to following our vocational path, For both of us the teaching aspect of the priesthood is a major attraction, and both of us would give similar advice regarding discernment of a vocation. So, I will be giving the Holy Cross Fathers a very thorough look. Perhaps they are where the Lord truly is calling me, perhaps I am in fact called to be a Jesuits, and perhaps there is another religious order out there that I haven't even considered yet. All I am confident of now is that I am called to the priesthood, religious life, and academia, so whatever vocation I am called to will combine those three areas. However, I am a 21-yr-old junior in college, and I feel like I am running out of time, and I'm scared by that. I know that Our Lord will eventually reveal the religious order I am called to, but I'm worried that either I won't recognize which order is truly the right one, or that the right order won't accept me when I find it.
What would you do if you were in my situation? Please let me know
May God bless you abundantly in all you do, now and eternally, and know that you all are and will remain in my prayers.
In Christ,

+ Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam+


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