Vocation Update III

Friday, April 25, 2008

In one sense, my discernment to a Priestly vocations has been going nowhere as of late. There doesn't seem to be a deepening of that "call", and I am becoming quite comfortable with the idea. Nothing much seems to have been happening.

However, in another sense a lot has happened.

After booking my plane tickets for my visit to the Seminary at Wigratzbad in September, and then shortly after that getting involved with two new vocations blogs effort, I realised that I did not feel particularly called to the Diocesan Priesthood... or, maybe I should better put it that the call to the traditional form of the Roman rite, and the FSSP in particular, was -- in a word -- "incessant". So, yes, something quite particular has happened: there is now a great deal more clarity.

I'm really looking forward to September, but am equally not sure at all what to expect (I don't want to build up my hopes too high, because that's always a bad thing), and am quite nervous about it. Maybe nervous is the wrong word, but one thing I am conscious of is that as part of the FSSP's applications process one must visit the Seminary, and I am not sure if this -- which is ostensibly to me a "look and see" visit -- is the Visit, or if there will be another one. But yes, all good!

Pray for me!

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