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Monday, June 02, 2008

Good day to everyone from the Philippines! As we say here, Mabuhay!

I am Jim Lopez, a medical student from the University of the Philippines. Through the years, I seem to perceive a very mysterious calling from the Lord ever since I entered high school. Eight years have passed and it seems that such a calling doesn't seem to give up on me yet.

I was born eldest of five children, and we were brought up in a very strict Catholic Filipino background. Both my parents have been raised devout and prayerful Catholics, and I prefer to believe that it is such an environment that has allowed me to experience God in so unique ways. It is part of the family tradition to pray the Rosary every day, and with the influence of my other Christian friends, I try to at least read the Bible everyday.

Back in high school, while at morning mass, there came within my heart something that words cannot fully express. It was a longing to experience God more by sharing and offering my whole life to Him. It is this call that has baffled me without end, for the past eight years. Today, even though He has led me into the study of medicine, I still believe that His call for me continues in my life, even though He has been opening a lot of opportunities for me.

Through the grace of God I have been appointed editor of the college newspaper and was inducted member of a Greek-lettered fraternal organization within the university. It is quite a challenge trying to juggle these responsibilities while nourishing the soul within me that yearns for more of Christ's presence.

I find the Eucharist a central part of my personal spirituality, while relishing every moment and opportunity to adore Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament. It gives me great pleasure, so much so that this makes me yearn to dwell in His House forever.

Please pray for me as I continue hearing and attempting to follow God's call. God bless us all, and may we learn how to serve the Lord in accordance to His Will.

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