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Sunday, June 01, 2008

I must first thank all of you for your prayers as I ventured to Nashville, TN! I would tell you all about retreat but first of all it would take pages and pages, second of all I think you would be bored! The retreat with the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia was so wonderful! I have been wanting to visit for so long finally being there brought me such joy! At first I envisioned this whole vocation as something in the future, something I can be working on but something I don't really have to be focusing on now. I mean after all I have my plans for college and and a job! ( I am entering my junior year of college in August ) After spending time on retreat I realized that this is something that I  should be thinking about now! This could be a reality for me! I loved everything about the convent- what occurred to me is that I am putting my plans before God's plans. I have been doing so for a while now but this week really opened my eyes! Yes, I am in the middle of college ( and although it has been done before ) it is not very easy for me to tell my parents I am up and leaving to enter the convent! The sisters are very big on education and if I were to enter I would finish school-with them. ( so it is not that I won't have and education ) My parents are supportive of a vocation but they are supportive in the future... That is where we disagree. I feel very much the call to the religious life and I have a strong desire to do so now... not put it off until it is convenient for me! Over the course of the week I spoke to the novice mistress, the vocations director and Mother! I was told that if all worked out I would be able to write to them to get papers to enter in AUGUST! Yes, two months! My heart just flutters every time I think about it. I would drop everything and go for it, but my parents are not on the same page. The sisters have an active apostolate of teaching. Something I do now and enjoy very much but never really saw my self doing for the rest of my life! I know that I would be called to the religious life first and then God will give me the graces (hopefully) to be successful in the apostolate. I spoke with some of the sisters in the novitiate about what it was like for them when they entered. Some of them didn't have parental support either. In fact some of them were in the same place I am. Halfway through college... one even a nursing student like myself. All of them said the same thing- Trust in the lord but follow your heart, you won't be disappointed... Is anyone else in a similar situation?? Any advice?? My time is running out! 


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