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Saturday, January 03, 2009


Hi! My real name is Jude. I love blogging! Alot of people know me from my blog I am a high school student in Southern Louisiana. For a teenager I am very traditional but I do love praise and worship music outside of the mass. I have a deep devotion to the Holy Eucharist, the Sacred Heart, and the Rosary. I stumbled across Holy Vocations from my parish priest who recommended that I read some of the stories. Alot of them are really inspiring!
My vocation journey started about a year ago. Something happened that I am not supposed to talk about until the day of my ordination, but I do know that I am to join the priesthood. The only question that was left to me was religious or secular? I looked into a lot of different religious orders. I have been wanting to be a missionary in Honduras, but the more I think about it, i would not have the emotional capacities to watch children and adults that I have cared for pass away before my very eyes everyday. So I continued searching. Mary led me to my current position. I always pray the rosary with Mother Angelica and the nuns on EWTN. Low and behold, after I said that rosary for my vocation a vocation video came on for the MFVAs. ( The more I researched, the more I could see myself in that community. They are a very traditional community, and the are missionaries. I figured since I could not be a missionary in some other country, I could be a missionary in the U.S. and inspire others through T.V., who have the emotional capacity, to go out and do the work I cannot. A lot of my friends encourage me to this because they know me and they know that I would be good there.
I hope to continue posting on Holy Vocations! Please pray for me.

Pax Christi,
Jude Graham



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