A Journey Full of Surprises

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Br. Jing Porcia, SJ; and friends Dane Sacdalan and Mykey Cuento during last year's Vow Day at the Sacred Heart Jesuit Novitiate, Quezon City, Philippines. I took this picture.

It has been a while since I last posted here and it's nice to see new guys blogging. Welcome!

Let me begin my post by telling you all that I am slowly recovering from such a big rut that I found myself in just months ago. With your prayers, I am also slowly rediscovering my spiritual side. Please continue to pray for me. Now, for the blog post.

I found one of these pictures of what was my first time setting foot at the Jesuit novitiate almost a year ago. This immediately called to mind one of the things I had been thinking about all the while as I continue trying to know about God's call. If I choose this way of life I will have to die with it. The other way may be true about marriage, but I don't know which will be more attractive in the future.

Some of the posts I have written here have spoken about my yearning for family life in the future. Recent events, however, have led me to think twice about concluding prematurely what God's plans may be. I, as for now, am not sure yet what the Lord holds for me. He gives me pleasant surprises about myself.

Like how, for the past 5 months, there lies within an insatiable urge to study Spanish, and not rest until I converse like a native. I just chatted with a friend from Venezuela who incidentally shares my strange name Jaifred. Before that, I completed typing a reviewer that I had hoped will help me remember the notoriously difficult verb conjugations. Chatting with the Venezuelan Jaifred, however, reminded me that I still have to study more. Despite the fact that this person is almost 7 years my junior, chatting with him felt like attending an online lecture in Spanish. Not few of my replies merited this remark, "Tienes in error, ¡te rias! You are wrong, and I'm laughing at you!"

This is quite a test of both diligence and acting in accordance to a strange yet seemingly God-given urge to learn more and study more. I suspect that the Spanish language will be instrumental in my future.

I have even included writings of St. Alberto Hurtado amongst the things I read to broaden my vocabulary and practice my pronunciation. It is quite a personal achievement to hear oneself speaking and reading in another language. I have to admit that I pray to him for guidance in my discernment, as well as in my learning Spanish.

To those who get the access in reading this post, please continue to pray for me. God isn't done with me yet.

Estoy acalorado por Su sorpresa proxima.
I can't wait for His next surprise.


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