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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I was lying in bed on Sunday night thinking about my vocation and thinking of how I would respond if someone asked me why I'm becoming a nun. My thought precess went something like this. Because God purposed to me and how could I turn down the perfect guy? He truly is perfect it's not just I think He is perfect because I'm in love with Him, He is God so there is nothing but good in Him. Wait a minute Betsy, God is perfect and there can't be anything but perfection in Him so that means His love for me is perfect and perfect love casts out all fear. You have no reason to be afraid. It was like a light bulb. I get it now. I really have nothing to be afraid of or worry about because His love for me is perfect. I know this should have been obvious to me but I've been struggling a lot with fear of the unknown but in the past two days I haven't felt any fear at all about it. It is so amazing to be able to remind myself when I start to fall into fear or worry that oh yeah, I don't have to worry about it because He is perfect so His love for me is perfect so I have no reason to fear.


Totus tuus Maria!


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