I am His Bride Now

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The below reflection is from one of the Dominican Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, in Justice, IL, who was recently professed in her community along with another sister. Her spontaneous affection for Christ is refreshing. It was a beautiful ceremony.

In the ordinary silence of the convent life, an excitement began to reverberate through the hallways as family and friends from near and far traveled to witness the wedding day of two new brides of Christ. After an early morning of silence, prayer and reflection with the Lord Jesus and with our community, we dressed in our brand new bridal gowns—the black and white Dominican habit. Mother Provincial came to our quarters to adorn our heads with a wreath of greens upon our white novice veils. She and Mother Mistress of Novices prayed a decade of the Rosary with us kneeling before our crucifix and gave us her blessing. Our Mother Superiors led us down the stairs and through the long corridor of the convent to a private room to greet our parents and receive their blessing before the Holy Mass of Profession.

With tears and excitement, our proud parents glowed as we all made our way to the chapel to begin Mass. Words cannot express the joy, intimacy and gratitude of the day I made my First Profession of Vows to the Lord Jesus. I am His bride now, and He is my faithful heavenly Husband. I am so grateful for the gift of my vocation, to the Lord Jesus Christ who called me. I live for Jesus, my most intimate friend, in the Holy Eucharist. May the grace of my First Profession continue to touch the hearts of all my loved ones who celebrated that special feast with me in presence and in spirit. I offer it up as a gift in service to Holy Mother Church and to the Order of Preachers. May Jesus Christ be praised!

(April 29, 2011)


Life of us and saints. Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 3:26:00 PM PDT  

Good blog..... i one day do wish to become a priest to serve our lord....

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