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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

There has always been a great need for priests and brothers, but that need cannot be compared with the vocation crisis of our own day. The faithful from around the globe are calling out for someone to lead them to heaven, someone who is willing to spend himself for the glory of God, the preservation of the traditional liturgy and the salvation of souls. If you desire to be an instrument of Our Lord in His work for souls and His Church, we invite you to join our ranks.

We offer training for the holy priesthood and religious life not only for college-age young men, but now we have also begun a minor seminary program for high school students who wish to start their priestly formation early. Here they may complete their high school education, and at the same time be introduced to the practice of mental and liturgical prayer and the living of the priestly and religious life. They will begin their training to become champions of the Faith and be among the happiest men on earth. In addition to their studies and spiritual life, the minor seminarians have ample time for visiting family, receiving visitors and recreation. They will become members of our religious family.



"Sound studies are not always the only benefit to be drawn from minor seminaries, nor is this the main reason for their existence. Sound Christian pedagogy confirmed by long centuries of experience teaches that true personality, strong virtue, and profound convictions are not formed in a haphazard manner.

"Life is too short, the years of adolescence and of youth are too delicate not to be in pressing need of guidance and protection. The young man who has at heart to become a priest, must ripen in the climate most favorable to a lucid choice. The education of his still fragile will requires prudence and respect.

"He will therefore find in the minor seminaries greatly experienced and solicitous counselors and teachers who will guide his step, stimulate his intelligence, develop his generosity and the feeling of his responsibility in the proper functioning of the seminary.

"If minor seminaries are so useful and beneficial, it is because their institution is based on a precise knowledge of the needs of the adolescent and Christian youth. Families can therefore rely on the wisdom of the Church to judge one's aptitude for the priesthood and the means best suited to prepare for it.

"The Catholic priesthood is truly one of the purest glories of the Church and one of the most striking marks of her holiness. She has therefore always given it her most solicitous care throughout the centuries.

"Despite the weaknesses of human nature, she has maintained at a very high level its ideal of life, without sparing any effort to make her priests men of God and men of the Church, truly capable of taking charge of a part of the flock of Christ and of giving an account of it to God on the day of judgment. She has arranged their intellectual, moral and pastoral formation in an always precise and demanding manner.

"After ordering the erection of major seminaries in dioceses, she has then created special institutions meant for candidates to the ecclesiastical life. Far from having to repent such an institution, she congratulates herself for it when she witnesses the happy fruits borne by minor seminaries in the field of studies as well as in the formation of character."




Servants of the Holy Family is a community of priests, seminarians and brothers who live a traditional, semi-contemplative religious life. The community joins the life of prayer (the “better part” as Our Lord says to St. Martha in the Gospel of St. Luke) with the active life in the care of souls. Members follow the religious life by living in common under the authority of superiors. It is centered upon the traditional Latin Mass and Liturgy.




The distinctive attire of the community is worn at all times as a reminder and as an expression to the members of their lofty vocation and obligations. The habit is black signifying death to the world and consists of a tunic reminiscent of charity, a shoulder cape symbolizing the pure prayer of the angels, and a belt which recalls the virtues of chastity and obedience. The Seven Dolor Beads are attached to the belt because of the community’s special devotion to Our Lady under her title as the Sorrowful Mother. A crucifix which reminds one of the sufferings of Christ and a medal of St. Benedict are also part of the habit.




It is not a life for the faint of heart, but for those who have a burning desire to become holy and intrepid soldiers of Christ, for those who desire to offer the Mass, provide the Sacraments and teach true doctrine in these times of so little faith. To enter you must have completed your schooling through age 14 and be in good health. You must have zeal for the salvation and sanctification of souls, especially your own, love of Our Divine Lord and His Holy Mother, love of the Church and her liturgy, and be possessed of good moral character, piety, generosity, common sense and a good sense of humor. Admission procedure includes initial contact, getting acquainted, formal application and acceptance.




Reverend Director of Vocations
Servants of the Holy Family
8025 Maverick Road
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80908-5000
Phone:  (719) 884-0029
Fax: (719) 258-1301


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