Servant Brothers of the Home of the Mother

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Three missions in the Church:

- The Defense of the Eucharist
- The Defense of the Honor of Our Mother, especially in the privilege of her Virginity
- The Conquest of the Youth for Jesus Christ

The Servant Priests and Brothers form part of the family of the Home of the Mother, a humble plant of the Church which is based on the Gospel and the charism which it has received from its founder, Fr. Rafael Alonso.

Our spirituality is identification with Jesus Christ and transformation in Him, from the heart of Mary. It is a spirituality of sanctuary, that is, of making our souls an exclusive sanctuary for God and it is a spirituality of being the Lord´s gift for his Mother.

It is a Carmelite spirituality with the double dimension of union with God achieved through the "nothings", leaving creatures aside in order to wholly seek God, and the dimension of fidelity, to the Pope, to the Church and to charism we have received. We live all of this placing ourselves under the maternal protection of Our Lady of Mount Carmel with the Scapular. It is a spirituality of trust, self-abandonment and total availability to the will of God manifested through obedience to our legitimate Superiors.

The Servant Brothers are united by a common calling from God to live the same charism, in a common ecclesial consecration and with a common response, which surges forth from the participation in the experience of the Spirit lived and transmitted by the Founder and their mission within the Church.

Community life offers the advantage of great stability, fraternity at the service of Christ, freedom of spirit strengthened by obedience, and a doctrine that, as shown by experience, leads to perfection. Unity of heart and soul, of ideas and feelings is essential to community life. This unity is a symbol of Christ's coming and is a source of strong apostolic zeal.

Community life, which prefigures the heavenly city and the glory of the Resurrection, is essential to the Servant Priests and Brothers. We ourselves are not its final end or goal, but rather the end is found in the Church and all mankind. Prayer is what safeguards communion and the community.


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